Cinema for two

KinoBox is a great place where you can always stay with your soul mate alone watching your favorite romantic movie. Arrange your loved one a surprise and order a large hall in Kinobox to watch a movie your choice.
KinoBox is a great atmosphere, availability of modern equipment for viewing movies, and, of course, friendly staff. We will arrange for you an unforgettable evening that your soul mate was in seventh heaven. We will make that evening in the cinema Kinobox memorable for you for a long time.

Lovers choose Kinobox

_4zKxzAm7Y8How often when visiting a normal cinema, you thought to stay in the room alone with your partner? We are confident that every time. Now you have the opportunity to arrange a romantic evening in a real for-two cinema room with a projector. In this case you can choose films that are particularly dear to you. Cinema KinoBox at “Cubometer” in Dnepr city – embodies the dreams into reality! Will agree, what could be more romantic than a movie? Just for-two cinema! Comfortable sofas, large screen, high quality resolution, great sound and romantic atmosphere. Optionally, you can decorate and set the table, arrange a romantic dinner. Your wish – is law. Give your loved one is not only just going to the movie, but also an exclusive film session where you and only you are the guests of honor. KinoBox – this is a great opportunity to get a lot of bright emotions not only from viewing and discussing a favorite movie, but also enjoy communicating one-on-one. Exciting love emotion and unique atmosphere of a private movie gives a movie theater KinoBox. Give love and stay loved alongside a cinema Kinobox. You can also order a hookah directly to the cinema.