KinoBox at Dnepr

Do you want to organize a comfortable stay for the company? Or want to arrange a romantic evening for your special someone watching our favorite movie? Then you can order room for up to eight person in Kinobox. We provide a cozy room for watching movies and TV series on HD projector, and also opportunity to gather a small group to watch the development of events in a tight soccer match on the big screens, play Playstation 4, smoke a hookah, or simply from the soul to sing dozens of favorite songs in the karaoke room. The rest in comfort for up to eight company – service of Kinobox to you and your relatives and close friends.

Kinobox – make yourselves at home!

If you like idea of a cozy, almost home sit-down in the comfortable rooms with plenty of opportunities for leisure, then Kinobox is at your disposal. Call us, book a room and we’ll take care of everything.The meaning of this idea is that to maximize the potential of the familiar and understandable for everyone hanging out, showing his unique perspective of. Kinobox is the rest for up to eight people away from the noisy and bustling places. You can forget about all the pressing problems and plunge into the world of romance, joy and fun for a few hours. Stay with us for the company will turn into a real Paradise. Agree, what could be better than spending an evening with a loved one or a circle of people dear to you. What could be better than spending an evening with a loved one or a circle of people dear to you. Do you want to relax? Then it’s time to Kinobox! We are open daily and we are very easy to find at : Dnepr city, 10 Glinki street, «Kubometr” mall, 2-nd level.

“KinoBox” at Dnepr – a new word in the sphere of services and entertainment, it’s your personal for-two movie theater where you can watch your favorite movie or TV series on the big screen in private. You can arrange a date for your soul mate or celebrate a wedding anniversary and you won’t be disturbed. Here you can watch football, boxing and other sports in the company of their friends from two to eight persons. Kinobox is four rooms with large screens of up to 2.5 m wide, HD projectors of the latest generation with the possibility of video playback resolution of 1920×1080 (fullHD), having feature converts any video format to 3D. If you love to sing but only sing in the shower or behind the wheel of your car and, for some reason, don’t wish to act in front of a large audience then it’s time for you in Kinobox. In Kinobox you can sing in the karaoke, both in isolation and in the presence of a small amount of the people closest up to eight person.

For fans PlayStation we’ve prepared PlayStation 4 with the latest games in full versions. You can play GTA, Uncharted 4, Mortal Kombat XL, World of Tanks, Need for Speed and many other games. A function of PS+ is activated.